Staff: a source of value creation

Fulfilment: a guiding principle at APRIL

Talent fulfilment is an integral part of the Group's managerial culture, as evidenced by APRIL University, enhanced opportunities for networking and sharing information, and the Group's internal mobility policy.

Pushing boundaries and inspiring a new managerial drive: the objective APRIL has set itself

In today's insurance market, where products are immaterial, it is people who make the difference! At APRIL, no less than 4,048 members of staff are at work every day in 37 different countries on behalf of nearly 6 million policy holders.

To ensure their job satisfaction, a large-scale management project has been rolled out to instil a new development drive. The aim: to put people at the heart of projects. The target: to give each staff member a sense of responsibility and promote their individual contributions, to develop trust through greater transparency and to encourage staff to be innovative and take initiatives.  For this reason 4 values have been selected to offer guidance to staff in their daily work: building trust, pushing boundaries, innovating and keeping things simple.

A genuinely socially-aware business, APRIL is also committed to promoting diversity in order to foster difference and fight against any kind of discrimination. The Group has demonstrated this commitment by signing an agreement with AGEFIPH as well as the "Corporate Diversity Charter". Promoting equal opportunities and cultural diversity means, in APRIL's view, developing cohesion, joint achievements and consolidating the group's culture!

"At APRIL, staff are looking at the bigger picture and really want to make changes."
Gérald MONCHANIN, Actuaries Manager, APRIL Santé Prévoyance


"The APRIL teams need to meet other staff, other departments to enable new ideas to emerge."
Lora NETO, Head of the Brokering Divisions,APRIL Santé Prévoyance