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APRIL Entreprise Prévoyance designs, manages and sells life and health insurance policies for employees. Its range of services is aimed at consultant insurers and independent insurance professionals.

Products and services

APRIL Entreprise Prévoyance offers private company health insurance and protection insurance cover for small businesses.

There are associated assistance services linked to these policies as well as the possibility to waive advance fees, offering additional convenience to end-customers.
A website for health insurance policy holders, www.april-entreprise-prevoyance.fr, offers customers the facility to check their reimbursements, to sign up to receive their statement of services by email or text, and more.
Our cover is differentiated from competition through its simplicity, its relative value, the clarity of explanations offered to policy holders and the quality and speed of case handling. In addition, this range is continually being developed to remain as coherent as possible with market trends.


The APRIL Entreprise Prévoyance range of services targets the 4,000consultant insurers (brokers and insurance agents) who are its partner distributors. This independent network distributes the APRIL Entreprise Prévoyance policies to end-customers: businesses.

More information

The website www.april-entreprise-prevoyance.fr, aimed at the general public and APRIL Entreprise Prévoyance policy holders, enables several operations to be carried out online such as requesting hospitalisation cover, communicating a change of address or telephone number and changing the frequency of payments.
INTRAPRIL Entreprises is an extranet offering consultant insurers several online services, such as drawing up a quote. This development enables distributors to carry out their role as consultants whilst allowing customers to benefit from the efficiency of the Internet.
APRIL Entreprise Prévoyance was one of the first companies in the industry to obtain ISO 9001 certification, 2000 version, in 2002, and the quality of service both for distributors and policy holders remains the major concern for every member of staff.
The company therefore pays particular attention to the level of service and efficiency of case handling: calls answered in under 3 rings, cases processed in under 24h.
APRIL Entreprise Prévoyance  offers a personalised service to its consultant insurers:
Motivating the most productive partners by paying particular attention to those showing commitment and offering the means to develop further to those both wishing to do so and showing potential. That is the aim of APRIL Entreprise Prévoyance's distribution policy. By offering a personalised service to consultant insurers the company aims to optimise the investments made in sales activities and to monitor the effects of its work on their activity even more carefully.

New: The PROFILS programme

In order to offer the best possible support to partners in securing and developing the loyalty of businesses, APRIL Entreprise Prévoyance has established a programme of services entitled PROFILS. It aims to offer them an optimum quality of service to suit their individual situations and perspectives.