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For nearly 40 years, APRIL International Expat has been the specialist in social welfare for people living outside their country of nationality, for long or short periods of time. APRIL International Expat designs, manages and sells insurance contracts for over 100,000 travellers and expatriates.

Products and services

We offer support to anyone moving or travelling abroad through a choice of 13 insurance solutions specifically designed for each type of person: students, interns, au pairs, work-holiday scheme participants, employees, people living abroad and the retired. Our policies offer cover for health expenses, repatriation assistance, personal protection insurance and liability insurance. APRIL International Expat offers you the reassurance of being fully covered abroad regardless of the reason and duration of your stay. Alongside this range of policies we also design tailor-made solutions for businesses and offer third party account management services.


Today over 100,000 people place their trust in us every year to cover their travel requirements. Our range of services is distributed to private individuals and businesses through 5,000 insurance professionals in France and abroad. It is also distributed in APRIL agencies and by private health insurance networks, personal protection insurance institutes and banks. Our line can also be accessed from our website at www.april-international.com offering the possibility to receive a quote and subscribe online to obtain an insurance certificate immediately.

More information

Our services:
  • Direct payment of hospitalisation expenses world-wide 24/7. Policy holders do not have to pay the hospital to which they were admitted - we do this for them!
  • Multilingual teams available 24/7 in the event of an emergency.
  • Direct payment of common medical expenses (doctor's appointment, tests, medication, etc.) in the USA, Mexico, France and Africa.
  • An online section for customers to refer to the breakdown of reimbursements, their cover and general terms and conditions, to check or pay subscriptions, etc.
  • A mobile application to offer assistance wherever you are in the world, in your daily lives or in the event of an emergency.
Our commitments:
  • Processing subscriptions in under 24h;
  • Processing refund requests in under 48h;
  • Multi-currency reimbursements.