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For nearly 40 years, APRIL International Expat has been specializing in the provision of private medical insurance for people spending long or short periods of time outside their home country. APRIL International Expat designs, manages and distributes insurance solutions for more than 110,000 travellers and expatriates.

Products and services

  • Insurance solutions specifically designed for each type of person: students, interns, au pairs, work-holiday scheme participants, employees, people living abroad and the retired
  • Medical cover, repatriation assistance, death & disability benefits, personal liability cover, safety plan
  • Services: third-party payment, direct payment of hospital expenses, translation of documents, counseling service, legal helpline, customer zone, mobile app
  • Tailored solutions for businesses
  • Third-party administration


  • Individuals spending time outside their home country
  • Companies ensured on the behalf of their employees abroad

More information

  • During the Broking Awards (Trophées du Courtage) which took place in September 2013, APRIL International Expat received an award for its mobile app, APRIL Expat.
  • APRIL International Expat has been supporting 2 NGOs since January 2011: Handicap International and the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Mankind.