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Travel Insurances, Snowbirds Insurances, Expatriate Insurances.

Specialization : International Health Insurance

Products and services

  • Insurances for Travelers: Multi-Trip Plans, Single-Trip Plans, All-Inclusive, Semi-Inclusive, Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption, Baggage and Personal Liability;
  • Insurances for Snowbirds: Hospital Emergencies and Medical Expenses, Repatriation, Eligibility or Exclusion for Pre-existing Conditions;
  • Insurances for Expatriates: Individual and Group Benefits
  • Risk Measure: Dedicated Plans to International Reporters, to Volunteers and Employees of NGO, to School Groups.


  • Canadian Travelers with or without Pre-existing Conditions
  • Third-Country Nationals
  • Expatriates
  • Volunteers
  • International Reporters
  • Students

More information

Our overall strategic approach is based on insurance matters for standard risks as well as covers risks of sub-standard type:  business risk, destination not recommended for travellers, etc. We focus on product innovation to conquer unexposed markets in the area of international mobility.

Our guidelines:  respond to the consumer’s demands, expand our coverage to fill insurance gaps, distinguish ourselves on typical needs.