APRIL, an international insurance services group

Founded in 1988, APRIL is an international insurance services group with operations in 34 different countries. Since the very beginning, its ambition has been to change the image of insurance. Its pledge: to make life easier for customers.

As such, APRIL is involved in the whole of the insurance value chain: 3,800 staff members insure, advise, design, manage and distribute insurance solutions and assistance services for private individuals, professionals and businesses.

APRIL brings an original touch to the insurance industry and has chosen innovation as the key to driving its development, APRIL works in areas others do not, in niche professions and markets, from central France to Brazil, from supporting expatriates to amateur yachtsmen, from using purpose-built tools for small businesses to on-line "early symptoms" assistance. The cornerstone of this innovative approach: seeing insurance from the customer's perspective. Making this commitment, which means pushing boundaries and keeping things simple, has enabled APRIL to become in under 20 years the leading master broker in France and an international authority.

APRIL has also established itself as a "social pioneer", pushing the boundaries to develop niche offers for those who have been refused by other insurers (the disabled, penalised drivers, etc.) and as such is working towards a more responsible and more accessible society.

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APRIL Key Facts

  • Consolidated sales in 2014 |  €766.3 million
  • Net profit in 2014 |  €36.6 million
  • Workforce | 3,800 employees
  • Presence in France and abroad | 34 countries

APRIL Worldwide