Take care of the future with APRIL

Taking care

Being there for you and protecting what matters when you need us is our be-all and end-all, and a mission that is close to our heart.
Taking care of the future means being committed and responsible with regard to our employees, customers and partners, as well as making a real and positive contribution to society.

Making life simpler

For 30 years, taking initiative, helping as many people as possible every day, pushing the boundaries, and supporting different life journeys in an ever-changing society has been the core mission of APRIL’s employees.
Taking care of the future means nurturing our talents in the four corners of the world, and earning the trust of the individuals, professionals and companies we work with on a daily basis.


Simplifying insurance, and designing and developing useful solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers in order to lead the way in the digital ecosystem.
Taking care of the future also means combining the best of what people and technology have to offer in order to provide an outstanding insurance experience for all.

Our campaign

« Shaping the future of insurance together »

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Our employees are shaping the future of insurance

IT Project manager, 6 years of seniority
Compliance officer, 6 years of seniority
Customer service manager, 4 years of seniority
Actuary, 6 months of seniority
Customer service manager, 11 years of seniority
Tester, 8 years of seniority
Performance manager, 10 years of seniority
Technical Project manager, 6 years of seniority
Communication Officer, 6 months of seniority
Product manager, 1 year of seniority
Marketing Project manager, 11 years of seniority

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