Our model

A distribution-centric wholesale broker model.

The local brokerage network which we have developed since the beginning, as well as our ability to run it, form one of the Group’s cornerstones. Thanks to our expertise in our core markets and our in-depth understanding of our customers’ requirements, we offer attractive, tailored insurance products to address the whole range of insurance requirements.

Reputed for our innovative approach to the customer experience and for our command of omnichannel journeys, we place great importance at all times on designing solutions that make insurance easier.

We therefore set up APRIL On to support our partners’ development: more than just an extranet, this digital platform offers them optimised sales journeys, both for loan insurance and health insurance. A single tool which offers tailored advice and customised solutions covering 100% of policyholders’ requirements.

As for the APRIL Marketplace, this was designed in September 2018 to make insurance easier for brokers and their customers. More than just a price comparison service, it enables brokers to offer their customers a range of APRIL brand or other insurer brand solutions. These are ranked according to how well they match in terms of price, but also several other criteria related to customers’ actual requirements.

The cornerstones of the APRIL model


We work alone or with external partners to design and build targeted solutions tailored to the needs of policyholders: insurance products, additional services, etc. The importance we place on customer experience reflects APRIL’s purpose: to make insurance easier.


We offer a range of solutions to our policyholders so we can keep pace with changes in consumer habits and behaviour.
• Broker distribution: through over 15,000 brokers in France, making it the leading network of partner distributors.
• Direct digital distribution: to be as close as possible to policyholders.
• Direct brokering: through our APRIL Entreprise subsidiary and our network of APRIL Mon Assurance agencies overseas.

Policy handling

In our own right, or through third party administration, we manage the whole lifespan of the policies held by our end policyholders (compensation, claims, etc.). Solutions that combine the best of technology and people enabling us to achieve a twofold ambition: quality of service and customer satisfaction.

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