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Through our partner brokers, our distributors, or direct distribution, APRIL offers a tailored, segmented approach covering all our customers’ requirements accurately and simply. In each of our markets, we strive to offer an outstanding customer experience at all times.

Loan insurance


A pioneer and leader in individual delegation of loan insurance, APRIL is a reputed expert in this market with a competitive range of products for all types of borrowers, and has now extended its operations throughout the property value chain through an equity investment in the Central de Financement (loans), Eloa (insurtech) and Comparadise (price comparison website).
That is how Immocentric came about in 2022, a unique platform connecting the whole range of property stakeholders which enables buyers to access all the information they need to finance and insure their project: a phygital, simple, smooth and seamless experience.


In addition, by joining forces with other insurance operators through APCADE (Association for the Promotion of Competition in the Loan Insurance market) in support of France’s Lemoine Act, APRIL has made a commitment to fairer, simpler and more transparent access to the loan insurance market, thereby enabling French customers to terminate their loan insurance policies at any time and increase their purchasing power.

Health and personal protection for individuals


APRIL has operated in this highly regulated market since the beginning, which has been impacted over recent years by the Covid-19 pandemic, the “100% santé” reform in France and the arrival of infra-annual policy terminations.
APRIL planned ahead and tailored its practices in order to counterbalance these changes, by reviewing its products to make them fully compliant, by providing simpler, digital journeys in line with common practice, including direct services on april.fr, and by continually auditing all its partner brokers to fight against unethical practices observed among some professionals.

Health and personal protection for professionals and small businesses


Marked by strong diversity for the professionals market, and by strict supervision through industry-wide agreements for small businesses, this market is moving towards greater digitisation, both for policy subscriptions and policy handling. Our health and personal protection products therefore cover the whole range of requirements for professionals (especially for self-employed professionals, tradesmen, shop keepers and micro-entrepreneurs) and for small businesses with products designed especially to make medical screening smoother thanks to efficient, digital journeys.
In addition, our subsidiary, APRIL Entreprise offers a comprehensive approach to social welfare (healthcare, protection insurance, collective savings) for small and medium businesses.

International health insurance (IPMI)

We see expatriate health insurance as a service business.

Whether students, employees on an expatriate or local contract, small businesses or retirees, the healthcare needs of policyholders outside France are growing.
The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a change in practices and the need for more service-based products and more digital access to healthcare.
That is why through its subsidiary APRIL International, which has operations in 14 countries, APRIL has combined a local presence with expertise to make mobility easier for its customers by means of a simple policy subscription process, multi-channel contact facilities to offer a more responsive service, and the highly-acclaimed Easy Claim application and Easy Pay Card.
In 2022, the Group also extended its operations in the international arena, opening offices in Germany and Dubai to offer local support to its customers.

Property & Casualty niche markets


In order to protect people’s property and liability, we offer so-called ‘niche’ solutions based on an in-depth knowledge of specific markets and their customers. By combining expertise, advice, technical skill and a peer group approach, we can meet policyholders’ requirements:
• Individuals: two-wheeler insurance (motocycles, bicyles, scooters), boat insurance (all types of sailing or motor boats) and car insurance (young or high risk drivers, with or without a driving history: regardless of their profile or situation)
• Professionals: property insurance (for residential or retail buildings) and construction insurance (decennial liability insurance)

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