APRIL X, the APRIL Group’s digital hub

Based at APRIL’s headquarters in Lyon, the APRIL X digital hub is where innovation meets customer experience at the Group. Intended to step up our digital transformation, it is a place for experimenting and working together, where the insurance products and solutions of the future are invented.


APRIL X is home to over 100 internal talents, partners and start-ups which work together to conceive solutions intended to improve and facilitate the customer experience.

For the benefit of our partner brokers and our policyholders, these innovations enable all our subsidiaries to step up the implementation of products and services which will make a difference in our markets in the future.

In 2020, these efforts to improve customer experience were recognised at the CX Awards with a gold award for our selfcare and chatbot strategy, and at the 2020 Insurance Awards with the gold award in the Service Innovation category for the Captain Wallet project (offering paperless, direct payment of medical expenses via mobile).

Innovations by APRIL

Expert pathway on APRIL ON

APRIL On is a digital platform designed to support our partner brokers’ business development. More than just an extranet, it provides them with optimised sales pathways.
In 2021, APRIL ON was developed to include the Expert Pathway, intended for the most production-driven and expert brokers. This new feature is better suited to their way of working, taking a tailored approach to their requirements and daily practices.


The Expert pathway platform was designed and co-developed in close collaboration with our partner brokers at APRIL X. This development towards more agility, reliability and speed has helped re-establish APRIL as the partner of choice for the most committed brokers.

Wallet: Medical expenses payment card for mobiles

APRIL was the first insurance operator to enable its customers to access their medical expenses payment card through the Wallet application on their telephone. All policyholders have to do is show it to healthcare professionals or pharmacists to make a contactless transaction. This innovation is also offered to our international policyholders through their Easy Claim application, and to Auto and Decennial Liability Insurance markets for insurance certificates. This innovation was given the gold award in the Service Innovation Category at the 2020 Insurance awards.

In order to spur on APRIL’s development in direct digital distribution, we launched our brand-new e-commerce website,, in 2020. A real technical and technological shift, was developed in a customer-centric way at every stage of the project. All the sales journeys have therefore been optimised in order to offer a smooth, simpler experience focussing particularly on two aspects:
• Optimised search engine referencing: to make it easier for site users and enable them to find the information they need more easily.
• A format which is 100% tailored to mobile use, user-friendly and easy to navigate, as well as fully tailored to online codes and the practices of mobile internet users.


In 2020 APRIL launched PROBAT Services, a simple, practical digital platform designed specifically to meet the needs of construction and civil engineering industry professionals. With a view to making their day-to-day work easier, we incorporated a smart video-conferencing system, Devisio.
This enables tradespeople to visit a worksite remotely in real time, while remaining in direct contact with their customer, in order to assess the technical feasibility of a project without having to see it in person.

Developed with Lemontalk, a specialist start-up, this application offers significant time savings to tradespeople when drawing up quotations. It also enables them to build ties with their customers through a connected human experience which complies with social distancing rules related to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Telemedicine service

APRIL’s latest innovation in terms of connected healthcare is a telemedicine service intended to facilitate and simplify medical procedures related to professional protection insurance and loan insurance.

Developed alongside the start-up BioSerenity, and its Cardiophy Check-up product, this service harnesses the best of telemedicine technology to make it possible to carry out subscription procedures from home in only 30 minutes, whilst complying with health regulations and respecting confidentiality rules. Especially suited to the Covid-19 crisis context, it saves time and improves safety by reducing journeys and waiting times at healthcare professionals. Available for customers in the Paris region since November 2020, it will be extended nationwide in 2021.

Easy Claim

Launched at the beginning of 2016, the Easy Claim application enables APRIL International’s expatriate customers to send off their claims for medical expenses in just a few clicks, making the procedures and the refunds quicker. The first version was highly acclaimed by policyholders, with a satisfaction rate of 8.5 out of 10 for 50,000 users, and with 50% of refund requests carried out via the application.

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