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SPRING : stepping up
APRIL’s transformation

A taste for adventure and breaking into new markets, as well as a drive to be enterprising and innovate, have shaped APRIL’s history.


Following thirty years of growth and diversification, the Group decided to go back to basics and launched Spring, a strategic plan intended to step up APRIL’s transformation and development.

The outcome of a project involving some one hundred staff members, from every business area and each of our markets, Spring should enable APRIL to become a digital, omnichannel and agile operator, and a champion of customer experience by 2023.


The implementation of the Spring strategic plan is based on four essential building blocks: customer experience, growth, performance, and teams.


Making insurance easier means offering a smooth, outstanding experience and being there for our customers when it matters.Our APRIL X digital hub, set up in 2020 to enable us to be the digital leader in our ecosystem, is central to this ambition.

This place is where solutions are conceived and developed to enable us to:
• offer the best possible experience to our 15,000 partner brokers
• become a reference in terms of customer experience for our 2.5+ million policyholders worldwide.


The work undertaken is already bearing fruit both for our partner distributors and our policyholders with a 24pt increase in our NPS (Net Promoter Score) over 2 years.


An ambition to break into new markets and an enterprising ethos are the driving forces behind our development.
In 2021, the Group recorded 8% organic growth and is aiming for two-figure growth in 2023 as well as a medium-term turnover of €1 billion.

The Group plans to achieve this by:
• Significantly stepping up our digitisation, which has already enabled us to become an effective e-commerce operator, not least through our april.fr website;
• Organising and consolidating our sales system to benefit our partner brokers and our policyholders;
• Working hard on the products and services in each of our five markets and reducing our time-to-market.
• Aiming high in terms of external growth in France and worldwide.


By enlisting the efforts of everyone we have available, and by improving our agility, we want to provide ourselves with the means to see and go further. For our future achievements to bloom, two areas have been identified by the Spring strategy:
• Simplifying our organisation to make it easier to support our policyholders and partners through effective tools and with committed teams;
• Investing €40 million over four years to overhaul our information systems for the benefit of our markets.


At the heart of our model, APRIL’s 2,300 women and men form a committed group serving the needs of our customers and partners. The Spring strategy sets out the HR and organisational directions to take which will enable us to:
• develop and attract talent;
• support the changes underway and ensure staff take greater pleasure working together;
• further our CSR commitments through our Oxygen approach.


In 2022, APRIL has recruited 300 talents to ‘Take care of the future’. Take a look at our Careers page to find out more

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