APRIL unveils its 2027 strategic plan in a 90-minute programme broadcast in six languages thanks to AI: a first!

A few weeks ago, APRIL Group, a leading distributor and manager of insurance solutions and financial products, unveiled its Spring 2027 strategic plan to all its employees via a 90-minute programme. A French player, APRIL is now present in 18 countries and is aiming to accelerate its international expansion. To make it easier for its teams to grasp the challenges it faces, from Lyon to Singapore, via Lisbon and Dubai, APRIL has chosen to use artificial intelligence to broadcast its ‘Morning APRIL’ programme in 6 languages.


This technological challenge was entrusted to the Brainsonic.AI teams, who have already put these techniques to the test on numerous events and communications projects. Although the technique of multilingual deepfake is recent but mastered by the agency, it was the numbers and volumes that represented the real complexity of the project:


– 90 minutes on set
– More than 5 camera axes
– 11 speakers, including 6 on set and 5 on tape
– 5 languages to be translated on the basis of the French version: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese
– That’s almost 600 minutes of multi-cam footage to deepfake without any translation errors.
– The 2,900 employees were able to view the content in their native language.



After receiving the programme recorded in French by the APRIL group’s Communications Department with the Oopercast studio, the Brainsonic.AI teams used AI to transcribe and then translate all the content making up the set into the five target foreign languages. This first stage was carried out in close collaboration with APRIL Group’s Communications Department to ensure the accuracy of the content while respecting linguistic nuances. AI was then used to synthesise and preserve the voices of the speakers in the other languages and to lip-sync each shot. Finally, the production teams made a few manual corrections to reduce the natural imperfections associated with this type of process.


‘When AI is used to help communication flow more smoothly, to overcome language barriers, overcome the challenges of distance and, ultimately, reinforce the appropriation of messages in a momentum as important as the launch of a new strategic plan in nearly 20 countries, it’s spectacular and inevitably has an impact on the teams. This was our vocation, and with Brainsonic.AI and Oopercast we found the expertise and creativity to make this first possible,’ explains Benoît Le Corre, Communications and Brand Director for APRIL Group.


Our mastery of AI tools and models means that we can now tackle this type of project in a short space of time and at a controlled cost. In this case, it only took a few days to receive the initial rushes and produce the 5 other versions of the programme, including transcription, generation and correction.


Flavien Lefort, Live & Event Director in charge of the project at Brainsonic, also commented on this major advance: ‘We are entering a new era thanks to AI, with digital events that know no language boundaries. Our ambition now is to reduce the time it takes to go live, i.e. to be able to translate content produced live. It’s only a matter of months, and we’re proud to be the first agency to explore these uses in France.

About APRIL Group
APRIL is the leading wholesale broker in France with a network of 15,000 partner brokers. APRIL’s 2,900 staff members aim to offer their customers and partners – individuals, professionals and businesses – an outstanding experience combining the best of people and technology, in health and personal protection for individuals, professionals and VSEs, loan insurance, international health insurance (iPMI), property and casualty niche insurance and asset management. APRIL aspires to become a digital, omnichannel and agile operator, a champion of customer experience and leader in its markets, while committing to the societal responsibility issues set forth in its Oxygen approach.
The APRIL Group operates in 18 countries and recorded a turnover of €630 million in 2023.


About Brainsonic.AI
brainsonic.ai is Brainsonic’s entity dedicated to mastering generative intelligence (GenAI) for marketing and communication teams. The structure relies on a multi-disciplinary team, made up of around ten talented people from the advertising agency who have integrated generative AI into their daily work. Support is based on four pillars: acculturation, training, transformation and implementation. Since 2023, over 50 major accounts (retail, industry, luxury goods, consultancy, banking/finance, IT, media, press, institutions, etc.), 4,000 employees, hundreds of students and around thirty AI projects have been deployed.


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