APRIL Italia celebrates 25 years


07 June 2024

Carlotta Mattioli, APRIL Italia is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Can you tell us about the origins of the company?


Italy is the Group’s first international subsidiary, and we are proud to bear this history and this symbol, and of course to have succeeded in developing our business there over the long term. In 1999, APRIL Italia was a wholesale broker of health and loan insurance products for individuals and businesses.


How has APRIL Italia evolved in 25 years?


When I took over as CEO of APRIL Italia in 2015, there were major development and simplification challenges. In agreement with the Group, we refocused the business on our core business and value creation: loan insurance and support for bancassurers, drawing on the expertise of our teams and our IT tools. We also provide training for insurance and credit brokers.


How would you define APRIL Italia today?


We cover the entire insurance market, from product design to distribution, management and claims, and we train intermediaries through our e-learning platform. I like to think of us as tailors offering a made-to-measure service that shortens time-to-market, with easy processes and IT management that make the whole thing very solid. We are connectors and facilitators between banks and insurance companies. Our head office is based in Milan, while some of our IT teams are based in Palermo for historical reasons. We form an extremely stable and committed team.


The Group has just launched its new Spring 2027 strategic plan with high ambitions. What are your own objectives for Italy?


Today, APRIL Italia is in good shape, is solid and has withstood the effects of Covid well. We are confident and fully in line with the ambitions of the Spring 2027 plan, both in terms of organic growth and acquisitions. With a population of 60 million, Italy is a dynamic market, particularly in terms of M&A, with some excellent brokerage firms. The growth of our business could also be achieved by developing niche markets in which APRIL has strong expertise. We want to give ourselves the means to achieve our ambitions!


For more information: www.aprilitalia.com


APRIL Italia key figures

Founded in 1999

25 employees

2 offices in Milan and Palermo

100m in premiums negotiated/year

1,300 new claims/month

10,000 insurance brokers trained/year