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The APRIL trademark terms of use

1. Provision of the APRIL logo to partners


APRIL shall provide its partners with the latest, high definition, colour version of the APRIL logo and its variations (APRIL International, APRIL Entreprise, APRIL Marine, APRIL Moto), with and without a baseline on


2. Prior permission to use the trademark


APRIL is a registered trademark, owned by the APRIL Group. Use of the APRIL trademark and logo, as well as its variations, is subject to prior permission from APRIL. Any unauthorised use is forbidden and may lead to legal action.


3. Use of the trademark on a partner’s website


The partner hereby undertakes to:

Use the latest applicable version of the logo, available for download on
Comply with the visual style guide for the APRIL trademark and its variations, as well as the logo terms of use (buffer zone, background colour, etc.) and not to distort the logo.
Not to retrieve the trademark logo from any other website (e.g. Google images).

4. APRIL logo rules of use


a. Background colour
The APRIL logo and its variations are designed to be used without a background, but with a buffer zone around the logo (see next point).
For any exceptional cases requiring the logo to appear on a coloured background, please contact the APRIL Group’s Brand and Communications department:


b. Buffer zone
Enough space around the logo is required to maintain the integrity of the brand. A measurement of ‘a’ must always been maintained around the logo. The size of this unit should equate to the size of the ‘a’ in APRIL.

This measurement should be seen as the minimum amount of space required between the logo and any other visual forms: nothing should encroach on this space.


c. Minimum size of use
The logo’s minimum size of use is that below which reading or representing the identity is impaired. The APRIL logo must never be produced under 2cm wide for printing, or under 60 px wide online, including the buffer zone.

zone de réserve autour du logo APRIL

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